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Тренинг на английском языке "For Equilibrium"!


22.02.2013 - 23.02.2013
18:30 - 20:15
22.02.2013 - 23.02.2013
19:00 - 00:00
Training for equilibrium   We have everything in life: Success–Failure; Wealth–Poverty; Gladness–Sadness; Enthusiasm–Depression; Give–Take; Health–Illness; Love–Wisdom; Heart–Mind; Mercy-Severity and everything in between. However, most of us are, most of the time, sad, depressive, not satisfied with our life, ungrateful, unhappy. The main condition for happiness is inner peace. Peace is the result of equilibrium. Peace comes from non-identification with the extremes. Unfortunately there is a tendency in the human nature to reach and stuck with all kinds of extremes. People practice meditation to get peace and this is accomplished most of all by renouncing to identification. One of the cosmic laws that govern everything that exists is the Law of pendulum.  Once you have reached an extreme, this law pushes, throws you back, in the opposite direction. This should help us to regain the middle path, the balanced path.  But, as we have in our psyche this tendency, this attraction towards extremes, we will not stop till we reach the other extreme of the same life aspect. And again the law of pendulum throws us back. Humans spend their lives in this continuous back and forth game, restless, stressed, complaining, disappointed. We should combine wisely the opposites in our life, like the salt and the sugar when cooking, in order to have, not only a tasty life, but also a healthy, stable, peaceful, happy, long going life. Well-being is the word I like for this context. All the great messengers of the humankind or spiritual teachers used the greeting of peace. Remember of Jesus saying: “Peace be with you!” Think about the Muslims who greet themselves by saying:  As-salamu alaykum (Peace be upon you!). The Japanese bowing and the ancient Hindu and Buddhist greeting are also messages of peace (Namaste). It seems like peace is the most desirable value. And peace is linked to balance. In the ancient Egyptian description of the divine judgment, and later on in the Christian art, the heart is weighed using a scale which, very clearly suggests the idea of balance. And one’s heart is supposed to be light as a feather in order to receive a favorable sentence. A light heart means a peaceful heart; a heart which did not identify with the positive and negative aspects, but remained detached, free and balanced. Once you’re able to keep the balance of your inner life, of your psychology, then you’ll have balance in your exterior, physical life, too. 
Balance is the key to life!
Come to this training to learn how to recognize, understand and balance the duality of life: 
Success–Failure Wealth–Poverty Gladness–Sadness Enthusiasm–Depression
Give–Take Health–Illness Love–Wisdom Heart–Mind Mercy-Severity and so on.
Moreover we provide practical exercises that you can apply in your daily life, in order to
have equilibrium, peace, stability, control, success and, of course, some happiness!
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